Your Toes | Ten Chapters of your Life


Your Toes | Ten Chapters of your Life


Toe Reading is based on the theory that your body holographically records the story of your life. This story is expressed in your feet and toes and can be “read” to reveal your history.

Feet very accurately reflect the physical and emotional health and well-being of a person. An over simplification of this technique would be to say that well balanced people have beautiful, evenly shaped and spaced toes. The toes of people who have had more challenging lives will appear “toe-tied”, depicting the lumps and bumps, twists and turns of the personal and emotional lives they have lived up to this point in time. The ever-changing characteristics of the feet, toes and nails provide valuable clues to the inner struggles or inner resolve of their story.

For example, the angle of the toes reveal whether the person is innately shy or outgoing.  Toes that point directly ahead suggest confidence and a forthright approach to life. The “healthiest” angle for the toes is an upright, flexible position. When the toes become exhausted and weighted down, you can bet that the person is feeling the same way about their life.

Keen observation, coupled with intuitive listening, can produce a reading that taps into the deeply hidden stories that have shaped that person’s destiny.

There are certain characteristics that you are born into this life with which are said to be your “Destined Path” qualities. These show up in your natural toes. The choices you make may change or even deform your toes. These are known as your Adapted Toes.

Distortions of the feet outwardly display how the stories of a person’s life have become distorted. Everything from passive submission to deep seated anger is harbored within the sole of the foot, directly reflecting the soul or life lesson.

Often during a reading, suppressed or forgotten memories may resurface, creating an opportunity to re-evaluate or emote. This release of energy brings new awareness and integration to the story being held in the body and recorded in the foot’s sole, as well as the greater soul. From this new awareness, a choice may be made to allow transformational healing to occur.

The first toe is called the Ether Toe. It usually gets lots of attention during a toe reading because it immediately and obviously answers the question, “Are you walking your destined path?” The left Ether Toe represents your relationship with the spiritual side as well as the emotional self.  The right Ether Toe represents life purpose and career. The straighter the Ether Toes the more likely the person has been “on path”. The more crooked or bent the Ether Toes the more likely they have settled for less or have been forced “off path”.

The second toe is the Communication Toe, also called the Air Toe. This toe helps us understand what the first 5 to 12 years of life was like. The left Air Toe is a very good indicator of a person’s relationship with their Higher Self or Spirit. While the right Air Toe reflects their communication and expression to others in the world. It is often the place where criticism from others is stored. The length of the Air Toe indicates the person’s ability to coach and instill confidence in others as well as the volume of talking they do.

The middle toe is the Fire Toe. It is known as the Action toe, the Passion Toe and the “Poor Me” Toe. This toe reveals a person’s procrastination tendencies, how directive they are, the likelihood of their completing a task, what kind of lover they might be, and if they have any tendencies to feel sorry for themselves.

The Water Toe is the fourth toe, also known as the Relationship Toe. This toe is all about relationships with yourself and others. The fourth toe on your left foot represents your relationship to Self, Higher Self or Spirit. While the fourth toe on your right foot records your relationship to others, like family, work, community and authority.

Finally we come to the little toes known as the Earth Toes. The right Earth Toe (sometimes called the Money Toe) will hold a person’s deep beliefs about money, abundance, family, power, and sexuality issues. The emotions of the right Earth Toe revolve around fear, insecurities, and betrayal. The left Earth Toe is all about trust and trusting—-trusting the Universe, trusting other people and trusting yourself.

Toe idioms

You have to be on your toes if you want to be in this business.
I have to stay on my toes to keep from getting fired.

You’re sure I won’t be stepping on her toes if I talk directly to her supervisor? I didn’t mean to tread on your toes.
to offend or insult someone, as if causing physical pain.

Hy laat nie op sy tone trap nie
– hy laat nie oor hom baasspeel nie / beledig nie

 Dip one’s toes in the water
If you dip your toes in the water (or get your feet wet), you
start to do something new or unfamiliar or explore new territory
for the first time.
“It will be a totally new experience for me but I can’t wait to get
my feet wet!”

Synopsis of Left and Right Toes





Big Toe Self-expression
Right: Joy
Left: Sorrow
Ether Throat
Second Toe Right: Wishes and desires
Left: Emotions
Air Heart
Middle Toe Right: Aggression
Left: Creativity
Fire Solar Plexus
Fourth Toe Right: Attachment
Left: Love
Water Lower Abdomen
Little Toe Right: Fear
Left: Trust & sex.
Earth Groin

The Grand Toe is the Ether element, your destiny toe, your life purpose or path.
The second toe is the Air element / communication toe.
The third toe is the Fire element or your passion/action toe.
The fourth toe is the Water element / relationship toe.
The fifth toe is the Earth element, your prosperity or trust.

Your right foot can depict how you relate to the world.
The left foot how you relate to yourself and to Spirit.

 Analysis of Baby Toes

If your child is right handed the right side is the side that shows how she relates to her world and how she walks amongst fellow souls. The left side is how she relates to her self and to Spirit, her inner world.

Each toe represents an element.  The big toe is the Ether toe, the destiny toe! Your baby’s Ethers on both feet are straight and pointed slightly up.  What great hope she has for the future!  It appears as though she is happy to be here and ready to walk her destined path.

The second toe is the Air toe.  This toe represents thought and communication.  On the left her Air toe is straight and even with her Ether toe.  When babies are born, their memory of home is still quite fresh.  She is in good communication with Spirit and her self.  On the right side her Air toe is curved under just a bit.  Perhaps she will be a quieter child, not always revealing her thoughts and communicating how she is thinking.  What a mysterious little thing! If her mysteriousness and quietness is part of her nature, honor her need to communicate when she is ready.  Allow her the space to digest her thoughts and ideas.  When she is ready she will communicate well and you will have the answers you seek from her.

The third toe is the Fire toe.  This is our action and passion toe.  On the left side your baby’s toe is aligned with the Air toe with it turning inward on the right just a bit.  This may represent her desire to be honest and forthright with what she is thinking as long as she feels safe to do so.  Her toe leaning in on the right may be an indication of how important it is that she be heard when she communicates her inner thoughts and needs, knowing that she will be accepted and loved regardless.  On the right her Fire toe is tucked slightly under the Air toe.  She may be quite cautious of the actions she takes and need to think about and process them before doing something.  Being mindful of her need for cautiousness will build her trust in you and the world.  How beautiful would it be to see the world as beautiful!

The fourth toe is the Water toe. This toe represents our relationships and our emotions.  On the left side the Water toe is straight and long, longer than the Fire and Air toe!  Perhaps this is because your baby possesses a large capacity to love and love deeply.  It may be an indication that she will be very affectionate…and sensitive!  Like a delicate little peach, she may bruise easily and need to be handled with care.  On the right side the Water toe is tucked beneath the Fire toe.  Although she may be delicate and sensitive, it is possible that she will not always reveal her emotions to those around her.   Also, it will be important for her to feel accepted and loved.   As an affectionate child, she may be very eager to please and have a very giving and caring nature and make a true and loyal friend.  What a gift!

The fifth toe is the Earth toe.  This toe represents our capacity to trust and our feeling about material wealth and prosperity.  Her left toe is straight and pointed forward.   Your baby has a deep trust in life here on Earth.  Perhaps her capacity to trust will be an inspiration to those around her.  On the right side, her toe is straight with just a bit of a curve under the Water toe.  Perhaps she will be happy to be supported by her partner or it could be with her giving and generous nature, she will be uncomfortable having material wealth when those around her do not.  As a result, she may be a bit unsure with financial wealth.

Analysis of Adult Toes

How do the toes appear?
Toes can lean towards the big toe, or turn towards the little toe. They can be straight or clawed under. Do the toes broaden towards the end? Are the toes pointy, rounded, rectangular, or spatulate? Does a toe appear to hide underneath the toe next to it? Are there any ridges in the toenail itself? How flexible are the toes? Are any of the toes painful or very sensitive?

A large toe
The energies of that toe are abundant and often exaggerated.

A short toe
The energies of that toe are restrained and are difficult to express.

A rounded toe
Sensitive and tactful.

A pointy toe
The energy is released in sudden burst then controlled again.

A rectangular toe
Energy expressed in plain, common-sense terms.

A spatulate toe
Lots of energy, expressed in a powerful manner.

A toe bent towards the big toe
Looking back towards the past and hanging onto the past.

A toe bent towards the little toe
In a rush to reach the future.
Crooked toes
Modifies thinking to please others, but the act itself encourages devious thoughts.
Bent toes
Self-conscious of having own thoughts, may fear failure and responsibility.

Twisted toes
Looks to others for reassurance and may prefer not to acknowledge the truth.

Vertical ridges on nail
A metabolic disorder linked with the energies of that toe. Also, fiercely protects certain aspects of a particular perception.

Horizontal ridges on nail
Emotional instability connected with the energies of that toe. Also, feels insecure due to perceived obstacles and can feel uncertain about protecting certain ideas.

For example, if you have a very large big toe, you tend to be a big talker but not everything you say is based on reality.

If your little toes are tightly squeezed under the neighbouring toe, you have little faith in yourself and find it hard to trust and let go. This can also be reflected in the sexual arena. In addition, you may feel reluctant to take on further responsibilites particularly within the family.

A painful big toe can reflect sorrows being held onto which still affect your life in a negative way.

If your big toe stands apart from the other toes, you need time before you let the outside world know your innermost thoughts and feelings.

A long second toe (Morton’s toe) shows you have great vision but can be self-opinionated and like to be seen to be in charge. However your gift lies with being able to instill confidence in others.

Webbed second and third toes show that your self-esteem tends to be firmly linked to your activities or career, however you are a potential genius!

Your Feet

High arches mean that you are an intellectual and prefer to work through issues from an intellectual standpoint. But you can also be too much of a dreamer. It also means that you have had to learn to be self-sufficient from an early age.

Low arches or flat feet mean that you are ever the practical realist. You need to allow yourself to dream a little more. You do tend to rely on a lot of support from others.

Swollen puffy feet indicate that you are holding much back and are unwilling or unable to express your emotions. Oedema reveals the lack of resolution of past issues and the presence of perceived burdens from the past.

A cracked heel shows that you tend to be indecisive and feel pulled in too many directions. Your security base feels “cracked”.

Indian Foot Reading

“If a crescent or elongated horseshoe mark appear on the sole of the foot and the toes well separated from each other, the person will have a harsh temper and remain poor.

If a female’s toes are well set together and close, and has a wheel or flower mark on either or both feet, will will become a lady of rank and position.

If there be an ear-shaped figure in the foot and without hair, or a little tuft, the person may expect to be successful in the world.”
(Excerpt from Indian Palmistry by Mrs J.B. Dale, Theosophical Publishing Society, London, 1895.)

The Lines on the Feet

Broken and unclear lines signify problem areas according to the line. When both lines point towards the big toe, then you will be wealthy and give to charity. When only one line points to the big toe, your life will be difficult and hard. A line which curves to the big toe nail reveals that the owner is well-respected, honest and generous. Shallow lines indicate a passionate nature and deep lines indicate a troubled life. For a woman, a line leading to the second toe (next to the big toe) reveals an early loving marriage.
The Big Toe

  • Long – good in business, wealthy
  • Round – intelligence
  • Small – selfish and unreliable
  • Average-sized – generous and dependable

The Second Toe

  • Fat – wealth arrives after 20 years
  • Shorter than big toe – average finances

Colour of Nails

  • Copper – ruled by the Sun, regal
  • Blue – Ruled by Rahu, well-respected, authority
  • Yellow – Ruled by Jupiter, wealthy
  • Black – Ruled by Saturn, untrustworthy and poor


Analysis of Celebrity Toes


crease on big toe = worries related to self-image and identity/separation of body and mind
2nd toe turns out on right foot = tells you what you want to hear related to public image
puffy 5th toe =strong security needs/will always have enough
squarish toe tips = groundedness/down to earth personality/dependable

Recommended Reading


Joanie Allen website

*Compiled by Liezel Olivier-Rossouw for ASKSA blog from the above given resources. Any member interested in having this send in a Word document, please feel free to e-mail ASKSAblog on


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